111. 'Real Men Don't Apologize' w/ Le Aboav & Matt Brown

November 15, 2017

111. 'Real Men Don't Apologize' w/ Le Aboav & Matt Brown



Cody is joined by comedian/performer/interpreter Le Aboav and comic/writer Matt Brown to finally become the men we never were but were always meant to be(head)! You can find your copy of the book in THAT GUY’s “Man Cave".


'Real Men Don't Apologize' 

by Jim Belushi


In this "guys guide to life," the star of the hit TV show According to Jim talks about how m


en can continue to be real men while still managing to make things work with the opposite sex

Jim Belushi is a national celebrity who has starred in numerous movies as well as the current hit TV show airing on ABC, According to Jim. His "guy's guy" take on things led to a huge following among both men and women who cant get enough of Jim and his irrepressible take on life. Now he's sharing his unique perspective with a funny new book about dating, marriage, and sex that is sure to hit home with every redblooded American male and the women who love them.

Any guy will relate to Belushi's self-discovered advice from the school of hard knocks. In character with his TV show, Belushi has strong opinions on how real men should act, and he relates his ideas with the trademark irreverent humor that has made him famous. Sample chapters from Real Men Dont Apologize! include:

How to Be a Man 

How to Get a Phone Number 

Boot Camp for Men 

Sex and the Single Man Over 18 

and many more!

Show Notes:


Currently Reading:

Heterosexuality of Black Men Sociology

Dr. Laurie Schaffner

Sexuality Books

‘Come As You Are’ by Emily Nagoski

‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt

‘What Would Susie Say?’ by Susie Essman


Topics: Diana Ross, boundaries, lotsa sex talk y’all, toxic masculinity, gender roles and gender rolls, dating?, Denny’s and hunting, gender wines, for the back of the room: GENDER IS A CONSTRUCT, just straight-out dragging Jim Belushi, politics politics politics.




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