107. 'Mommy, Who Is Donald J. Trump?' w/ Jordan Holmes & XL

September 15, 2017

107. 'Mommy, Who Is Donald J. Trump?' w/ Jordan Holmes & XL


Cody is joined by comedians Jordan Holmes and XL to finally teach your kids about nuance and also the complete lack of nuance. You can find your copy of Donald Trump children’s books at your soon-to-be-defunded library. 


'Mommy, Who is Donald J. Trump?': An Introduction to the 45th U.S. President (Mommy, What is Democracy? Book 1)

by Taffy Jensen




The 2016 presidential campaign riveted the nation. As grown-ups discussed candidates, issues, and the nation’s future, our youngest citizens were listening – and they have questions.


Mommy, Who is Donald J. Trump? draws kids into the presidential conversation. In clear, unbiased language, families can learn about the dynamic and provocative 45th president of the United States. Read these bright, educational pages with your future voters and engage them in the American democratic process.


Check out all the titles in the Mommy, What is a Democracy? series. Usher in this new era with inclusive family learning and discussion!




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