98. LIVE: 'Clown Ministry Handbook' w/ Carina Magyar

May 1, 2017

98. LIVE: 'Clown Ministry Handbook' w/ Carina Magyar


Cody is LIVE at HavenCon in Austin, Texas for one DOOZY of a live show with comedian, journalist, mother, aging starlet, Carina Magyar. You can find the book on the internet and, apparently, from 1/4 of all Tomefoolery listeners.

The Clown Ministry Handbook: The Original Book of Clown Ministry Basics With Skits for Service and Worship

By Janet Litherland

This handbook tells how anyone can become a clown minister.

+ Tells how to organize a clown-ministry troupe for in-church or an outreach program

+ Includes many skits and sketches for service or worship activities

+ Provides descriptive information about clown types, make-up tricks, wardrobe, props and performance techniques

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