'Atlas Shrugged' w/ Peter-john Byrnes & Kevin Lobkovich

September 15, 2016

'Atlas Shrugged' w/ Peter-john Byrnes & Kevin Lobkovich


Cody is joined by comedians Peter-john Byrnes and Kevin Lobkovich to finally set aside their lives and slog through the endless, banal tundra that is Ayn Rand's writing. The episode goes exactly as expected. You can get your own copy of the book on Amazon or at the Speaker of the House's house.


Atlas Shrugged

by Ayn Rand


Set in a near-future U.S.A. whose economy is collapsing as a result of the mysterious disappearance of leading innovators and industrialists, this novel presents an astounding panorama of human life-from the productive genius who becomes a worthless playboy...to the great steel industrialist who does not know that he is working for his own destruction...to the philosopher who becomes a pirate...to the woman who runs a transcontinental railroad...to the lowest track worker in her train tunnels.

Peopled by larger-than-life heroes and villains, charged with towering questions of good and evil, Atlas Shrugged is a philosophical revolution told in the form of an action thriller.




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