'Successful Muskrat Farming' w/ Amanda Lynn Deal & Charlie Vergos

August 16, 2016

'Successful Muskrat Farming' w/ Amanda Lynn Deal & Charlie Vergos

Cody is joined by comedians Amanda Lynn Deal and Charlie Vergos to chat all things muskrat. You can get your own copy of the book on Amazon or in the basement of your weird friend's dad's house.


Successful Muskrat Farming Sixth Edition

by Robert G. Hodgson


To the great mass of the general public fur farming is still, as it were, something of a far, half-rumored country upon whose bourne the proverbial tired pedestrian seldom touches. As a people, whether intensively or extensively, (and I am speaking particularly of Canadians and Americans) we haven't as yet cultivated the habit of turning up the lamp after coffee and liquers, to seek out some of the things so common to us all, in everyday life. Nature, after all, is the medium of being, thinking, acting, working—and this brings us down to one of nature's truest vocations originally controlling our food and our covering, our finances; and now all combined.Whenever and wherever one gathers in the interests of fur farming, one hears the question: "Is the raising of muskrats a feasible proposition and can the business be made to pay?"




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