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5 Stars by ChanmailQueen

This podcast is a delight. [Codex] and guests provide intelligent, articulate, and hilarious commentaries about some of the silliest,  strangest, and most horrible books ever written. Subscribe and listen to this wonderful podcast. You will not be disappointed.



5 Stars by heatguyj88

A deep-dive into obscure, sometimes terrifying, often hilarious literature. [Codex] Melcher (the host) has a gleeful and simultaneously intellectual approach to reviewing these "tomes". Despite often terrible quality of the aforementioned tomes, [Codex] always guides the guests along a path of thoughtful review. This is a place where a good book can be praised for its flowing prose, interesting ideas, and positive effect on readers and a bad book can be derided for its lack of execution, heavy-handedness, and usually some sort of hateful sentiment. Weird books talked about by interesting and funny people.


5 Stars by TruAndru

When someone rates in iTunes Five stars, its defined "I think this podcast is great." Yet, wrong for me in this instance. I don't think this podcast is great, I think this podcast is !!!!!!! amazing and look forward to listening twice every month (As long as [Codex] is able). The host [Codex] blends a love for debate, the written word, and comedy into a wonderful podcast! He invites other comedians to share in the shows voice and read really, REALLY, horrible, racist, homophobic, etc.... can you really even call them Books. If you are looking for what is a rare comedy lit podcast, go no further. You've found it. I've been litening to the cast for the last year and loved it, its hard to believe I'm finally getting around to a review. Listen and enjoy!



Humorist Codex Melcher invites funny friends over to talk about really bizarre, bad, and buckwild books he's just made them read.

Funny people, weird books. 


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